Create new campaign

To create a new campaign, you navigate to Extensions -> CM Donation in your Joomla!’s back-end.


On CM Donation’s Dashboard page, you click “Campaigns” on the toolbar.


In the list of campaigns, you click “New” button on the toolbar to create a new campaign.


In there form, there are 3 fields you need to provide information:

  • Name: The name of the campagain you want to create.
  • Thankful message for completed donation: Your thankful message to donor, this message is displayed after donor makes a successful donation on payment service’s website (eg. PayPal).
  • Thankful message for cancelled donation: Your thankful message to donor after donor cancels donation, this message is displayed after donor cancels donation on payment service website.

Other fields in the form:

  • Created by: The user who creates the campaign.
  • Created date: The date when the campaign is created.
  • Modified by: The user who makes the last modification for the campaign.
  • Modified date: The date when the last modification is made.
  • ID: The ID of the campaign.

After your new campaign is saved successfully, you are taken back to the campaign list.


In the list, there is a column for campaign ID, you will need campaign ID for display campaign’s donation form or other statistic information.

Display campaign’s form

To allow people to donate to your campaign you need to display the campaign’s donation form on your site.

In your Joomla!’s back-end you go to Content -> Article Manager. If you want to display the form in an existing article, you edit that article, otherwise you create a new article.


In the content of your article, you enter the tag (shortcode)


where you want the form to be displayed. X is the ID of the campaign you want to display its form.


Visit your article on your site’s front-end, you can see the donation form is displayed in your article.